Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Left My Briefs In San Francisco

Here is a comic I made on a whim to tide you over until I am reconnected to the internet. Not that I was in the habit of updating my blog regularly.

I'm in a bit of a foul mood. My backpack was stolen in San Francisco during Wondercon. I lost half of my wardrobe and my cell phone charger. Not a huge loss, but still incredibly inconvenient. I do take solace in the fact that all the laundry was dirty. When youre moving hundreds of long boxes all day, and then standing on your feet for nine hours at a comic convention, your dirty laundry doesn't smell very good. The wet towel I stuffed in with it, i hope, exsacerbated the smell, thus ruinging the day of whomever stole my bag.

To top it off, the one thing I wanted to get my hands on this weekend, couldn't be found. Acme Novelty Library 16 and 17 are out of print, but i figured San Fran being the cultural alternative comic mecca, I'd have no problem. The third largest comic convention, two local comic stores, and one used book store later, and still no luck.

Kiss my ass San Francisco.


PS: I should be fair and mention that I did pick up these books which I loved immensely:

Blue Pills by Frederik Peeters
Let Us Be Perfectly Clear by Paul Hornschmeier
Blues Man (HC) by Rob Vollmar and Pablo Callejo

Song of the Moment:
The Beatles
"For No One"

"Your day breaks, your mind aches, There will be times when all the things she says will fill your head. You won't forget her."


Stuart Livingston said...

Hey Erwin

That's a drag man I'm sorry to hear about that at the con that's terrible. Check the papers though I think I saw the headline "Man in Coma from Fatal Aroma" - those newspeople and their clever headlines! I checked your books out online and they look rather interesting I'll take a gander next chance I get, man.

Oh and before I go I actually own Acme Novelty Library 17 - haven't read it yet, but I'll make sure to read it before I come by Bakersfield next time I'll lend it to you. I found it at Brave New World Comics a few months ago, their last copy.

Unknown said...

why you gotta hate on da family?

and I too love Acne libraries.

Alma said...

You came all the way to San Francisco and didn't even tell me?! You know I live like 45 minutes away, right?! GAAERWINNNN!!