Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love, Is A Burnin' Thing...

Today, Robin and I celebrated our three year anniversary! We stopped in for a late afternoon Hummus snack in which I (jokingly?) posed the question: "Would you still be with me if I was burned in a freak accident, and despite numerous skin grafts still looked horribly disfigured?... also I have to wear a wig because my hair was burned in the accident... also i drool when we kiss." (A question i pose from time to time.)
She jokingly (at least i hope) replied "mmmmNo..." to which I then posed the question: "Well what if we were in the same accident and you too were horribly disfigured? Would you stay with me or leave me for a better looking, more successful burn victim?"
Reluctantly, she replied: "well... guess I wouldn't have much of a choice."

Now that's true love folks.

The impromptu drawing was done on the parchment paper we shared hummus on.

Happy Three Years Robin.


Song of the Moment:
The Beatles
"Here Comes the Sun"

"Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces"