Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Eighth President

I followed an exercise on Stephanie's blog, in which you make one of the US Presidents a super hero. Steph's was slightly disturbing, and my knee jerk reaction was, of course, to make it more disturbing.

You've all seen Martin Van Buren's penis, and you can never unsee it.

I know the coloring is a little shoddy, i kinda rushed through it. Regardless, I hope this catches on as a meme (or has it already?), I found it very amusing.


Song of the Moment:
Neutral Milk Hotel
"Holland, 1945"

"The only girl I've ever loved, Was born with roses in her eyes, But then they buried her alive, One evening 1945, With just her sister at her side, And only weeks before the guns, All came and rained on everyone."


Jennie said...

Aw man! That's gross!

Haha, but I like the idea.
Why Van Buren, though?

Stephanie Ramirez said...

Dude this is awesome! Van Buren's penis will be forever burned in my memory though..

Man, I'm sorry about your wardrobe. But when bad things happen, it means something really good is on its way right?

Unknown said...

mm yes, the subject was obviously influenced by the former President's promise to "to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessor" as the word illustrious and illustration have the same first 7 letters. He died of bronchial Asthma, and as we all know, asthma can cause you to have breathing problems, which in turn can cause no breathing where your face can turn blue; but since it was the cause of death, it defines what is left of the body of Mr. Van Buren. And last of all the penis, represents perfectly how gay Erwin really is. Well done sir, mmmm yes.

Erwin Ledford said...

you read my soul as if it were an open books sir.