Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Lack Of Vision

Today I found a French documentary on Chris Ware. In it, Ware speaks a little about how he thinks he's gotten back (or as close as he can) to the point he was at as a kid when he truly enjoyed drawing.
I do enjoy drawing, however I do agree with Ware to some degree on how laborious comics can be. Furthermore, I've become obsessed with this idea that if i dwell enough, I can find a median, where my work will be universally admired, and considered both literately admirable and unpretentious at the same time. When I was young I would draw so much, and to a degree where I didn't care what it looked like or whom it would impress.
The truth is, whatever you create, it will be met with criticism; a point I need to bore into my consciousness more and more before it completely hinders me from producing any work at all.
James Kolchalka wrote a great comic (or illustrated essay as I like to think of it) about this school of thought called The Cute Manifesto. While I don't agree with Kolchalka 100% when he says "craft is the enemy," I do agree with the fact that craft, and our obsession with it, can stifle an artist.

Happy Drawing Everyone,


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"Now we've established a lack of sight, maybe vision's the right word."


Jennie said...

I admire your work, Erwin! Does that help? :)

Stephanie Ramirez said...

Yeah, I think we all know what you mean. I'm constantly having to remind myself while I'm doing my comics that I'm supposed to be having fun. While at the same time, trying to master my craft and not have everyone and their mom hate my work. I miss not giving a crap!

Oh youth! Why have you abandoned me?!

I love how you draw yourself :) and I love your work. Don't stop believing!

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with the advice that you can only do what you think is funny and hope other people like it too. The best critics, the ones worth listening to, are also the ones who understand one comic doesn't define you and it will eventually lead to hopefully stronger stuff. I think most knowledgable readers of comics know that.

Unknown said...

didn't I make a comment on this already?

Art Fan Ako said...

Too much pressure. I'm a Librarian and my then artist boyfriend wanted to go into the library field. He figured this way he could then choose and pick what he draws without the pressure to make a living out of it and, hence, get back to enjoying drawing again. It's tough. But you must continue to be inspired and draw. There's plenty people in the world that's bound to admire and appreciate your work.