Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Song of the Moment:
"Run's House"

"Ah once again my friend, Not a trend for then, They said rap was crap, but never had this band, Till the ruler came, with a cooler name, Made ya dance and prance and draw the fans insane. Name is Run my son, Number one for fun, Not a gun that's done, and get done by none. The others act, in fact, is just wack I kill... Why?... It's fun my son, and Run heads the bill! Whose House?! Run's House!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Lack Of Vision

Today I found a French documentary on Chris Ware. In it, Ware speaks a little about how he thinks he's gotten back (or as close as he can) to the point he was at as a kid when he truly enjoyed drawing.
I do enjoy drawing, however I do agree with Ware to some degree on how laborious comics can be. Furthermore, I've become obsessed with this idea that if i dwell enough, I can find a median, where my work will be universally admired, and considered both literately admirable and unpretentious at the same time. When I was young I would draw so much, and to a degree where I didn't care what it looked like or whom it would impress.
The truth is, whatever you create, it will be met with criticism; a point I need to bore into my consciousness more and more before it completely hinders me from producing any work at all.
James Kolchalka wrote a great comic (or illustrated essay as I like to think of it) about this school of thought called The Cute Manifesto. While I don't agree with Kolchalka 100% when he says "craft is the enemy," I do agree with the fact that craft, and our obsession with it, can stifle an artist.

Happy Drawing Everyone,


Song of the Moment:
Pedro The Lion

"Now we've established a lack of sight, maybe vision's the right word."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Left My Briefs In San Francisco

Here is a comic I made on a whim to tide you over until I am reconnected to the internet. Not that I was in the habit of updating my blog regularly.

I'm in a bit of a foul mood. My backpack was stolen in San Francisco during Wondercon. I lost half of my wardrobe and my cell phone charger. Not a huge loss, but still incredibly inconvenient. I do take solace in the fact that all the laundry was dirty. When youre moving hundreds of long boxes all day, and then standing on your feet for nine hours at a comic convention, your dirty laundry doesn't smell very good. The wet towel I stuffed in with it, i hope, exsacerbated the smell, thus ruinging the day of whomever stole my bag.

To top it off, the one thing I wanted to get my hands on this weekend, couldn't be found. Acme Novelty Library 16 and 17 are out of print, but i figured San Fran being the cultural alternative comic mecca, I'd have no problem. The third largest comic convention, two local comic stores, and one used book store later, and still no luck.

Kiss my ass San Francisco.


PS: I should be fair and mention that I did pick up these books which I loved immensely:

Blue Pills by Frederik Peeters
Let Us Be Perfectly Clear by Paul Hornschmeier
Blues Man (HC) by Rob Vollmar and Pablo Callejo

Song of the Moment:
The Beatles
"For No One"

"Your day breaks, your mind aches, There will be times when all the things she says will fill your head. You won't forget her."

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Eighth President

I followed an exercise on Stephanie's blog, in which you make one of the US Presidents a super hero. Steph's was slightly disturbing, and my knee jerk reaction was, of course, to make it more disturbing.

You've all seen Martin Van Buren's penis, and you can never unsee it.

I know the coloring is a little shoddy, i kinda rushed through it. Regardless, I hope this catches on as a meme (or has it already?), I found it very amusing.


Song of the Moment:
Neutral Milk Hotel
"Holland, 1945"

"The only girl I've ever loved, Was born with roses in her eyes, But then they buried her alive, One evening 1945, With just her sister at her side, And only weeks before the guns, All came and rained on everyone."