Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bakersfield Festival of Beers

Oh Boy.... Oh man... Bakotopia asked me to set up a table at this year's Festival Of Beers. Besides it being an honor, its the Festival Of Beers! Be cool Erwin. Stay professional... I'm excited to say the least. Everyone please, come by. Have a beer with me. I'll be joined by two other talented artists. Carlos Fierros and Patrick Spurlock, my usual First Friday partners in crime. There will be beer, music, live art, beer, an auction benefiting relay for life, beer, and beer. Beer.

Cheers everyone.

A Perfect Urkel

I once again had the honor of providing promotional artwork for Sal, Zach, Pablo, and Jason's 90's cover group. This time they're going by the name A Perfect Urkel.
I know I say this every time, but if you haven't seen them play, you're missing out. These guys put on a killer show.

More info here at the Facebook event page:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ramones Tribute Poster

I had the honor of collaborating with the lovely Robin Jane Sigel on this poster for The 2nd Annual Ramones Tribute show to benefit Relay For Life. Robin provided the illustrations while I took care of the design and layout.
I will be at the show THIS COMING FRIDAY doing live art while the bands rock out. I will be collaborating a giant piece with Carlos Fierros and Jaime Contreras which will slowly come together as the show progresses. I've never done live art before, so I'm looking forward to riding my colleague's coat tails and doing something cool.
I hope everyone comes out. The show is only $5 and the proceeds benefit The Relay For Life, an annual walkathon which funds cancer research.

The show starts at 9PM at On The Rocks. See everyone there!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I will be at FREE COMIC BOOK DAY presented by Comic Wise on May 4th & 5th from 8am - 4pm. I will be selling comics, mini paintings, and art prints. Everything I typically have with me at First Friday will be available, including my new book Quit Yer Blubberin: A Little Erwin Miniature Adventure.
Come say hello, then stick around for thousands of comics in stock which are 25% off the marked price including graphic novels!

For more information visit:

Map To Event

Monday, April 8, 2013

Preview: Plainest Plane Vol. 2

Here is a preview for the cover of The Plainest Plane's Plainest Pictorial Periodical Volume 2. This is one of two projects I'm currently working on, set to debut sometime before The Alternative Press Expo in Oct 2013. This book in particular will collect mini comics, short gag strips, and illustrations from my sketchbook in 2012/2013.

Coming June 2013.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Big Lebowski Mini Paintings

My latest set of miniature paintings are dedicated to one of my favorite films, The Big Lebowski. Unfortunately the likenesses all came out oddly... mexican looking. My favorite being Steve Buscemi, but only because he came out looking like Peter Lorre and that makes me chuckle a bit.
Anyway, these paintings will be making their debut tonight at First Friday in downtown Bakersfield. They are being sold as a set ONLY. Namely because I can't see anyone wanting to buy Maude on its own. I'm asking for $60 for the set, which includes these adorable miniature wooden easels.
I'm really looking forward tonight's First Friday. I missed last month because I was in Portland, so I'm looking forward to returning. I just put together more copies of "Quit Yer Blubberin'" which will also be available. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.