Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lil' Erwin Adventures

With lots and lots of positive feedback on The Plainest Pictorial Periodical, I am excited to announce my next creative endeavor. "Li'l Erwin" was easily the most popular reoccurring strip in the book, so I am jumping right into a full length Li'l Erwin Comic. The book will consist of several short gag strips, as well as a handful of longer stories about my awkward childhood, growing up as a wimpy, emotional, chubby kid.
Above is my working cover, which I am not 100% crazy about, and may change before the book is completed. I'd love to hear people's feedback on the design.
This just one of three projects which I am currently working on. The other two I will make announcements on once I can iron out more of the details. Again, thank you everyone for the kind words of support. This is just the beginning of what I hope is a long successful career in what I've wanted to do since I was the just a Li'l Erwin.


- Erwin

Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Friday 3.2.12

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support me at First Friday. The event was quite the success. I sold a metric-grip of books (fig. a), and met a lot of really cool people.
I had the honor of sharing the table with the significantly more talented artist, Carlos Fierros. He was selling an incredible acrylic painting (fig. b) of classic female professional wrestlers. If you're interested in the piece at all, send me an email at and I'll put you in contact with Carlos.
Thanks to all of the people who I met that day, who risked spending $2 on my little comic book. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed it, and hope that if you did, you'll tell a friend.
Special thanks to: Robin Jane Sigel, Matt Orizaga, Chris Campise, Melissa Mejia, Oscar Fierros, Sarah & Ricardo Pacheco, Pat Spurlock, Mary Spurlock, Zach Smith, Gilbert Subia, and Viet Bui,
for helping at the table and offering words of encouragement and emotional support. I have really awesome friends.


(photos by Matt Orizaga & Chris Campise)