Monday, July 14, 2008

How I Met Jeffrey Brown

I finally got around to scanning a couple funny pages from my sketchbook. The mini comic is about my run in with indie comic writer Jeffrey Brown. I was so caught up in meeting him I didn't realize i was walking away with his book without paying for it. Awkwardness ensues.

- erwin

Song of the Moment:
The Littlest Man Band
"Stayed Away Too Long"

"I've searched this world all over girl, And some day I'm gonna find, That I guess I stayed away too long this time."

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Stuart Livingston said...

That reminds me of a funny story in which when I met him I "accidentally" stole one of his little cards you can ask him to draw a panel from his comic onto. I just saw it, and compulsively swiped it when he wasn't looking. I think it's a bookmark now lol