Saturday, July 12, 2008

Comic Art Show

Tonight some of my work will be on display at The Empty Space. I realize its short notice (it starts in two hours), but in case you can't make it to the opening tonight from 4-7, here are a couple pieces I will be showing.

Artist Introduction Card

Public Transportation

Sketch For: Fight Test

This is just a preview, so come by the empty space to see the whole thing:


Song Of The Moment:
Seu Jorge
"Life On Mars"

"Meu amor nao estamos sos , Tem um mundo a esperar por nos"

1 comment:

Stuart Livingston said...

Lol Life on Mars - love that opening lyric in that song, so badass haha. Anyway that's awesome you're part of a comics show. Is this the one you told me about last time I saw you? I dunno when the next time I'll be in town is but I'll do my best to see the exhibit once I am.

Stephanie & I were lolling at your comics haha. The public transportation one cracked me up, great stuff.