Saturday, July 19, 2008

Post-It Paradigm

While i was working as a designer for a truck body company, i spent a few free moments doodling on Post-it notes. All drawn with common office place supplies such as white-out sticks, and highlighters. I'd like to put together a whole book of these:

Side note involving this photo. I didn't realize most free image hosting websites had a file size limit on each photo, so unfortunately you can't really make out some of the line quality details. If anyone can recommend a good file hosting site let me know. Otherwise I may just purchase a professional Flickr account.

- erwin

Song of the Moment:
Sly & The Family Stone
"Hot Fun In The Summertime"

"First of the fall and then she goes back, Bye bye bye bye there"


Stuart Livingston said...

Haha these are great. The way you detailed Mario has a disturbingly hilarious quality too it. Post-its are the shit tho.

Anonymous said...

Erwin! This is Livingston kid #1 -- I freakin' love your work! You are awesome.

I especially like the "self-portrait" post-it and your "Public Transportation" comic. Why aren't you famous yet?

Alma said...

hahaha the self portrait!!!!!!