Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ramones Tribute Poster

I had the honor of collaborating with the lovely Robin Jane Sigel on this poster for The 2nd Annual Ramones Tribute show to benefit Relay For Life. Robin provided the illustrations while I took care of the design and layout.
I will be at the show THIS COMING FRIDAY doing live art while the bands rock out. I will be collaborating a giant piece with Carlos Fierros and Jaime Contreras which will slowly come together as the show progresses. I've never done live art before, so I'm looking forward to riding my colleague's coat tails and doing something cool.
I hope everyone comes out. The show is only $5 and the proceeds benefit The Relay For Life, an annual walkathon which funds cancer research.

The show starts at 9PM at On The Rocks. See everyone there!

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