Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh Boy! It's Lil' Erwin!

Today I officially received Lil' Erwin from the presses. I'm really proud of this book, and confident when I say that if you genuinely enjoyed my last book, you'll love this one. The narrative is a bit more cohesive, with plenty of short gag strips to break up the story. To say that I am excited for people to read this one is an understatement, which is a powerful statement for anyone who knows me.

Lil’ Erwin is a collection of illustrated autobiographical anectdotes from my childhood. This comic book of miniature proportions attempts to humorously capture the experiences of growing up as an awkward, chubby, sensitive kid with an active imagination, a tendency toward escapism, and an overinflated sense of romance.

Lil' Erwin is $5 a copy, and is available for purchase today through the link in the sidebar. Lil' Erwin will also be available to purchase in person this coming First Friday event downtown Bakersfield on the corner of 19th & Eye Street. I will be out selling and signing copies, along with my usual artistic cohorts, Patrick Spurlock and Carlos Fierros. The boys will be bringing out their own brand new original art. This First Friday is one you're not going to want to miss. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there. Thank you in advanced for all of the support.


Alejandra said...

I'm so excited to get a copy tomorrow. Way to go, Erwin!

Erwin Ledford said...

Thanks Alex! Looking forward to seeing you!