Tuesday, September 4, 2012


On October 13th, I will be packing my comics and heading north to The Alternative Press Expo in San Fransisco, CA. Available at the booth will be copies of The Plainest Pictorial Periodical Vol.1 as well as the brand new Lil' Erwin mini comic (details on that book shortly). I will also be debuting The Plainest Plane's Plainest Pictorial Periodical Vol. 2, as well as some brand new original art and prints.
I have the honor of sharing a booth this year with one of my best friends and true titan of towering talent, Stu Livingston. Stu's work has been published in several major comic periodicals such as PopGun and Flight. He currently does storyboard work for Rough Draft Studios, known for their work on Futurama and Napoleon Dynamite.
I also wanted to mention that I will NOT be attending First Friday Sept.7th in downtown Bakersfield. Lil' Erwin, and The Plainest Pictorial Periodical Vol. 1 reprint will not quite make it back from the printers in time for the event. Lil' Erwin will debut at the following First Friday on October 5th.
Speaking of towering titans of talent... Despite my absence from First Friday this week, I seriously urge everyone to still attend. Specifically to make it out to The Metro gallery event, Latination. My dear dear dear dear dear friend, and towering titan of talent, Carlos Fierros will be showing an incredible original painting.

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