Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Fearsome Foursome

Last night was my second First Friday event in downtown Bakersfield. This time I teamed up with several other local artists including Patrick Spurlock (Center Left), Carlos Fierros (Center Right), and Jaime Contreras (Bottom Left). We drew a decent sized crowd around our booth with people interested in each unique brand of art each of us brought to the table (proverbially and literally). We even made the news!

If you missed us last night, mark your calendars next month, because we will be joining forces once again for the next First Friday event.
I did some inventory last night on my copies of The Plainest Pictorial Periodical Vol.1 and it looks like the book will more than likely hit a second printing in the near future. I sold way more copies of the book last night than anticipated, and the feedback I am getting is still incredibly positive. I'm feeling quite inspired and look forward to the future of my work and I hope everyone else is too.
At this point, my one request to my new found readers, is to tell a friend about my work. I am at a crucial point in my career, and could use all of the exposure I can get. Thanks again everyone for coming out to support me, and my work.


Alejandra said...

Once again I was sick as dog and couldn't make it. Next time! For serious.

Erwin Ledford said...

The lies just make your absence from these events all the more devastating.

... Just kidding. Hope you're feeling better.