Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lil' Erwin Adventures

With lots and lots of positive feedback on The Plainest Pictorial Periodical, I am excited to announce my next creative endeavor. "Li'l Erwin" was easily the most popular reoccurring strip in the book, so I am jumping right into a full length Li'l Erwin Comic. The book will consist of several short gag strips, as well as a handful of longer stories about my awkward childhood, growing up as a wimpy, emotional, chubby kid.
Above is my working cover, which I am not 100% crazy about, and may change before the book is completed. I'd love to hear people's feedback on the design.
This just one of three projects which I am currently working on. The other two I will make announcements on once I can iron out more of the details. Again, thank you everyone for the kind words of support. This is just the beginning of what I hope is a long successful career in what I've wanted to do since I was the just a Li'l Erwin.


- Erwin


Stu Livingston said...

I love it! Has a distinctly D&Q feel, very classy. Funny contrast

Erwin Ledford said...

Thanks Stu! I was looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what I could do to make it better. Instead I feel much more confident about it.

Stu Livingston said...

Ya lettering is bomb son...if you want some recommendations, a nice trim around the border, or at least something to fill out the lower space would be nice. A different color for either your shirt or the bg might help lil Erwin pop a bit more, but its your call. Looks rly great so far!

Erwin Ledford said...

Duly Noted. I was thinking the trim looked a little plain. If I had to change one or the other, it would be the BG, because the shirt is a real shirt I used to wear all the time. Cool great ideas :D