Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Plain In Print

I just got back from The Alternative Press Expo with a bag full of art, and a mind full of inspiration. I've been working on a home made mini zine for a couple of weeks now, and since APE, I've really turned up the productivity on it.
I've dubbed it "The Plainest Plane's Plainest Pictoral Periodical." The zine will be the first volume of an ongoing series which collects mini comics and art by yours truly. Expect some comedy, some tear jerkers, and even a little Erwin nudity. The image above is the working cover art, although looking at it again, I will most likely make changes. I'll be printing only 100 copies, so start messaging me ASAP if you'd like a copy. They're going for the low price of $2 an issue. I'll keep track of everyone who preorders and make sure you get a copy.

- erwin

Song of the Moment:
The Beach Boys
"I Can Hear Music"

"The sound of the city baby, seems to disapear, when I can hear music, sweet sweet music."


Jennie said...

Sign me up!

When you need to collect your money, just ride by my house on your bike and say, in a really creepy voice "two dollars" over and over again. I'll pay up, don't worry.... :)

Stuart L said...

I got 2 dollars with your name on it. One name per bill, you aint gettin my Jefferson's biatch!

Stephanie Ramirez said...

I'll give you FIVE DOLLARS if you take those other two chumps copies and give them to me.

Seriously, I want one, put my name down :)

Unknown said...

i want one!

Erwin Ledford said...

Should be wrapped up in mid november. At least thats my goal.

Also, I love jennie for making a Better Off Dead reference.

robin jane said...

i'm ready to print when you are :)