Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love, Is A Burnin' Thing...

Today, Robin and I celebrated our three year anniversary! We stopped in for a late afternoon Hummus snack in which I (jokingly?) posed the question: "Would you still be with me if I was burned in a freak accident, and despite numerous skin grafts still looked horribly disfigured?... also I have to wear a wig because my hair was burned in the accident... also i drool when we kiss." (A question i pose from time to time.)
She jokingly (at least i hope) replied "mmmmNo..." to which I then posed the question: "Well what if we were in the same accident and you too were horribly disfigured? Would you stay with me or leave me for a better looking, more successful burn victim?"
Reluctantly, she replied: "well... guess I wouldn't have much of a choice."

Now that's true love folks.

The impromptu drawing was done on the parchment paper we shared hummus on.

Happy Three Years Robin.


Song of the Moment:
The Beatles
"Here Comes the Sun"

"Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces"


Stuart L said...

Another disturbing triumph put to paper! :D

Congrats on the three years btw dude. My 3 yr anniversary's creepin' up on me pretty s...oh HEY STEPH! :D

Matt said...

Haha I like that picture. I can definitely say I would not be your friend.

Stephanie Ramirez said...

awww, thats the sweetest most disturbing thing I've ever heard :) congratulations!

as for me, I can't see myself being with ANYONE for that long, they would seriously get on my ner... oh HEY STU!

Anonymous said...

it would be an honor to be shunned from society with you.

i love you, happy 3 years