Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blag-Oy Vey!

I was going through some old photos in my mom's wallet, when i stumbled across this picture of me in the 4th grade. Check out the chic Blagojevich cut!

I seem to remember the hair starting out as a Conan O'brien swoosh, but it must have fallen limp into a crooked politician cut by photo time. I went on to sell the stool to the highest bidding student.
On a similar topic, what the hell is wrong with elementary school photos? Is the over sized pencil, book, and paper really necessary? Or was i actually like 8 inches tall in the 4th grade and took this photo on my desk?
Upon further inspection of said photo, i just noticed this was the free sample photo they give you. My mom no doubt kept this without buying a full set of photos. Ha!


Song of the Moment:
Dexy's Midnight Runners
"Come On Eileen"

"Sounded sad upon the radio, he moved a million hearts in mono. "


Stuart Livingston said...

Hahaha the visual of little mini children made me laugh out loud ha...really funny haha

Stephanie Ramirez said...
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Stephanie Ramirez said...

Hahahaha, you are an actual citizen of lego land! Funny, you seemed much taller in person.

Lego Blagojevich

Unknown said...

You must have gone to a rich school, we didn't get anything oversized, or even anything of normal size, we got Grey backgrounds.

Still sexy since 1994

Beau Grigsby said...

Did you ever notice in that picture that you very much resemble a midget? But not because of the giant objects but because of your giant head seriously has it been the same size since birth. Haha just kidding man but I probably have a picture some where with that exact background.